The word “yoga” can be translated to “to join”, referring to joining the mind, body and spirit in a synchronized manor (Bowling & Stewart, 2006). Yoga strengthens the bond between the mind, body and spirit (Parnes & Dagan, 2005). The practice of yoga includes breathing exercises, different postures, strengthening techniques and meditation (Ospina et al., 2008).


Children face a new dynamic world with many demands. This constant demand to learn new concepts and to integrate onto a fast changing environment can become overwhelming. This has been shown to create anxieties that sometimes are overshadowed by restlessness and may lead to behavioral issues. Therapeutic yoga targets these anxieties and underlying unexplainable attention problems which may be impacting the child’s overall demeanor.


The yoga we provide is not a traditional yoga class. It’s a therapeutic play yoga which emphasizes on the child’s needs while having fun all the same time. Therapeutic yoga fosters in children a strong healthy mind and social interactions which can help in any setting. Children release restless energy while advancing motor and language skills, improving body and breathing awareness, and developing self-confidence.


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