At Infinity Therapy Solutions we specialize in both Pediatric and Adult therapy. Our service motto is, give as much as we can give to see a better tomorrow. If you are in need of a consultation, please call us and we can set one up free of charge to guide you on your way through rehabilation/habilitation.


We have competitive self pay rates and also accept a variety of insurances.


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

                                                             -Benjamin Franklin


Speech and Language

Speech and Language services encompasses far more than articulation and basic language. It focuses on the person as a whole and targets areas in which can use more strengthening. We diagnose and treat speech, language and cognitive problems that affect communication.

Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy is typically recommended by an ENT and can benefit the professional user (lawyers, teachers, reporters) and or singers to enable their "right" voice to reduce impacting their social and work environment secondary to voice loss. Your voice is a vital part of your life, contact us if you need guidance on ENT doctors in the community.


Feeding and Swallowing services are offered to Adults and children who may need rehabilitation or habilitation services secondary to a stroke, cancer or any other disease which may impact the ability to swallow. We also offer feeding therapy services for the picky eaters.