KickStart Language Supplementary Program

Kickstart language program was created as a supplementary program for children who are attending or who will attend a preschool/kindergarten program in their near future and need an extra "push" with their critical language learning skills to ensure readiness success. Kickstart supplementary program will be an interactive program ran by a Speech-Language Pathologist/Elementary School teacher and a speech assistant with a ratio of 5:2.  Research states that, "The development of Oral Language is crucial to a child's  liteacy development, including listening, speaking, reading and writing". Without these skills, your child may struggle through his/her school years.


This program will emphasize on the following interactive goals:

- Language goals based off a Kindergarten Curriculum.

- Individualized Child centered learning to develop independent thinking skills

- Group interactions which build social and pragmatic skills

- Classroom simulation to build confidence for their first day at school


A screening tool will be utilized to develop a portfolio for your child. This screener will be used as their "entrance exam" as well as their "exit exam". Parents are encouraged to stay and view their children during the program in our viewing room.


Our program will begin Summer 2015 and will be held two times a week for three hours for a period of 2 months. If interested, please contact us via email to be placed on our waiting list and to receive more information on our program.